You have an awesome product. You are selling it online through your E-Commerce solution. You hired an E-Commerce Director to lead the charge. You integrated your company website into Magento, IBM Websphere or Miva Merchant  E-Commerce platforms. You have uploaded SKU data, product info, video and graphics. You even have an agreement with some affiliate sites,

Twitter is such a great social media platform. Twitter is short and still very relevant to your prospects and customers. It’s a great way to communicate. But did you know there’s some guidelines on how to use Twitter properly? While there’s not a right-size-fits-all strategy to social media, or Twitter, there’s definitely some things you ought

E-Commerce can be incredibly challenging. Between driving traffic to your website, increasing shopping cart conversions, managing your product and SKU data, to keeping track of customer data,  it can make your head spin. So how can you make your E-Commerce site generate an ROI, all the while making your task-life easier? Here are four tried-and-true